Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roasting Almonds + Almond Butter

There is something about homemade almond butter. It is just so good. I made my first batch of almond butter this past fall before college and haven't turned back since. I honestly can't even eat almond butter from the store anymore because the taste just can't compare to when I make it on my own.  This recipe is so simple, everyone is surprised when they find out that the only ingredient is almonds!

Before the almond butter can be made, the almonds must be roasted. These too are delicious and I end up eating a good portion of them before they even make it in the blender. Roasting them beforehand gives the almond butter a whole new taste, maybe that's why store-bought just can't compete. Also, by roasting them many more nutrients are released! Since almonds are technically seeds, they have enzyme inhibitors on them that keep them from sprouting as they sit on the shelf. The only way to get rid of these is to soak them or roast them. Since I'm all about the nutrition aspect, this fascinates me- but not everyone... so if you want to read more Sarah Britton writes more about it here

Makes 1 cup of almond butter


2 cups raw almonds


1. Roast almonds by heating oven 300 F and spreading in a single layer on a metal baking sheet.

2. Roast for 18-25 minutes. Almonds will be a golden caramel color on the inside when done, test by biting in half. They can burn easily if left in for too long, so keep a careful eye.

3. Let almonds cool completely then put in a food processor (I use our Vitamix). Blend on highest speed until smooth and creamy, scraping as you go.
4. Store in an airtight container in fridge for up to 1 month

*If you want to make chunky almond butter remove 1/4 cup of almonds from the blender once almonds have been broken up a bit but before they become a powder. Stir back in when butter is finished.

**Tips for cleaning the Vitamix: Rinse with water and get big chunks out with fingers. Fill with warm, soapy water and blend on medium speed for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.