Good Reads

Here are some of my favorite blogs, websites, and books. I figure since nothing I post is original (yet), I should give insight as to where I get my information!

My New Roots: This blog is really what started it all for me. My Aunty K first emailed my mom a link to her website and I have been hooked ever since. The author, Sarah Britton, is a holistic nutritionist and certified nutrition practitioner who currently lives in Copenhagen. I love her stuff because she not only posts delicious recipes, but she goes into the health benefits of certain foods and why she chose the ingredients she did. I have learned so much from her website and hope to travel to take her classes some day.

Green Kitchen Stories: This blog is run by a cute couple, David and Luise, who live in Sweden. Their blog is all vegetarian dishes made with with lots of whole and organic foods. I love the variety of recipes they post on their site along with how dang cute they (and their daughter) are. They now have two cookbooks filed with their wonderful recipes; the first is Vegetarian Everyday and the second is Green Kitchen Travels and is filled with travel-inspired recipes. Their bars have become staples in my diet to bring to college with me. 

Sprouted Kitchen: This blog is written by Sara Forte, with her husband Hugh doing photography for her. The couple is from California and has the widest variety of foods of the blogs I follow. Most dishes are whole foods and vegetarian, but with "wiggle room" as Sara says. Her dishes are often uncomplicated and easy to prepare, as she likes to focus on the entertainment aspect of food. I got her cookbook Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods a couple years back and love it!

Earthsprout: This blog is fun and sassy, but sometimes a little out there. The author, Elenore, lives in Sweden and her site is full of 100% vegan recipes. I have made a few things from her site, but some of them are stretch for me. She is a good friend of Sarah Britton's (from My New Roots), so naturally I was inclined to read her blog and see what kind of food she made. I still find myself reading her posts like nobodies business and love how much joy she gets out of life, gardening, raw food, and travels.

Food and Nutrition Magazine: Although this isn't a blog, they have a lot of good articles and information. They are connected with a respected nutrition academy and organization, so the information is reliable. The magazine has a lot of book resources, practical tips, world news on nutrition, and much more. Definitely a favorite of mine when I'm trying to procrastinate homework!

Cooking Light Magazine: This is a magazine we have been getting at our house for several years now. I  always loved when it came in the mail and I got to dog ear the recipes I wanted my mom to make for dinner. Although I don't read it much anymore, it is always good to go back to for cooking tips and good recipes for dinners. Every recipe I have ever tried from here has been good, and I have learned a lot of tips on cooking staple foods as well!

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