About Me

I'm Claire Hawkins, I am currently studying Exercise Science at Taylor University. I love to drink coffee, sit by the fire, take naps, run, spend time with friends and family, and I absolutely love food. Whether it is baking food, cooking food, looking at food, eating food, reading about food, or anything else related with food- I love it. 

My interest started when I was 15, but back then the main ingredient of everything I made was sugar. Since then I have taken a liking to much healthier foods and recipes. I love trying new foods and make everything from smoothies to pizza crust to vegan cookies. My food preferences are a continuous journey, always changing as I figure out life and food and everything with it. You will find that most of the foods I make are dairy free- with sugar free, gluten free, and vegan also making appearances once in awhile.

Which brings me to why I started this blog:
My mother wanted a place where she could find all the recipes I have made. According to her, a recipe book would not do, since one day I would take that for myself. This blog is simply a collection of the foods I have made and lessons I have learned from each one. Essentially, since I am writing it for my mom, it's a collection of recipes that have come from "Your Daughter's Kitchen." Most of the recipes are not my own, but all have been tweaked a little by me. Maybe one day I will have a collection of my own... I can only hope.